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Alicia Valenzuela

I’d love to hear from you


Welcome to My World

Fine Art

I create traditional pieces of art.


I am a professional facepainter available for booking


I work with non-profits and other artists to promote the arts and help others.

  • My cat was freaked out with YouTube lol
  • The sound was too creepy. Ill post pics of new candle inventory on my new instagram. @abstract.lady
  • A wild Alicia was spotted... in their natural habitat climbing stuff
  • Lol feisty
  • Lunch with my man. Nom
  • Theres something about living unapologetically creative and full of genuine friendships who love you and let you love them back. Present in the moments.
  • Tea party #2 at 6pm
  • #teatime #fancy
  • On tuesday Ill have tea for you to try :)
  • Tuesday can you come visit at 1 or 6? I would love to share my art space and overall check in with froemds and maybe you make new friends :)
  • Theres two sides to every story. Two faces we show. Stop believing you deserve less and love yourself now.
  • Good morning #eatright #breakfast #health #healthy #coffeelover #workweek
  • Art studio mode this week. I got really sick from stress. I'm figuring out my patterns. When I'm in art mode I dont eat much. When I'm in workout mode I eat great. When I'm in work mode I'm eating too much. Balance please.
  • Getting up.... nope. Too cold. I know what you mean baby cat.
  • My mom went into my room woke me up and said Look. I said no. She insisted. She found a mysterious baby cat in the lawn cold and wet. I gave it a warm bath and now I have it on a heating pad. Anyone close wants a siamese? I know it's not kitten season but free to a good home. <3
  • #superslowmo #playing #art #artsy #candles #wax
  • #artstudio #art timelapse #artista #work #artistlife workout
  • You cant imagine how happy I feel to be valued as an artist when I can create something for you that you will cherish for a very long time. Holidays are coming and I encourage you to consider art for gifts.  They have a value if you choose to see it as an investment and bring color to your life. If u dont love my styles I know many artists I can refer you to. Never hurts to ask! @carloscontra is a real homie and inspires me. Check him out!
  • Someone shot our chihuahua in the foot with a bb.
  • Family pic of facepaint designs I did for bday/ Dia Celebration #facepainter #facepaint #catrina #familia #diadelosmuertos
  • I have been seeing this man and now we are official. <3 Meet Juan my number 1 lol
  • My pop surreal creatures for the barrel top. #surreal #imaginarycreature #pop #popsurreal #modernart
  • Esta mapacha lla se canso. #cansada #trabajandoduro #hoyeraridiculo #mimis #nonesientobien #sick #idk #why #porque #overtime
  • Mercury rising made my night

Next Steps...

I am accepting commissions, graphic design jobs, etc. Support your local artista. I accept referrals as well.