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Alicia Valenzuela

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About Me

As an artist my whole life is devoted in one form or another to making our world a better place by telling particular stories about myself and what I am passionate about. If by being the best version of myself I can leave someone healed or facilitate understanding, then I am satisfied with my progress. I live for sharing my talents with others and there are two main areas that I advocate for through my art: Mental Health Awareness and the Environment. Even as I look back to my dreams as a teenager the goal has never changed, maybe the journey was windy and unclear but certainly the hopes to make a positive impact has never changed. I’ve had art shows and made some neat pieces worthy enough to share with others but I want to do something huge. Work larger. Shoot for the Moon. Art is a process and I relish the fact that I’m all about the journey and adapting to changes. I’m sensitive and that’s the way I like to live my life, feeling everything and protecting my influences.

I am nostalgic and retain notes from already a decade ago to re-inspire my art journey. I want to be true to the quote by Buckminster Fuller: “Really great ARTISTS are SCIENTISTS and really GREAT scientists are artists and BOTH are INVENTORS. I call them ARTIST-INVENTOR-SCIENTISTS.” Maybe soon my career will manifest itself into a unique duplication of this lifestyle choice. I am hoping to become a probation officer one day and work with the courts to rehabilitate our community. Who is to say I can’t do it all? I’m young and have the opportunity to gain wisdom and seek knowledge. I will never stop being a student of life and I will never stop being an artist. I am all of the above and if you need a specific label then I’ll settle for activist artist.