All Smiles

Children love the results after a little patience and minimal squirming. Kids love walking around and show off their faces to their friends and family.

Custom Designs

The artist can paint more than simple custom designs including fan art designs and elaborate full face designs with gemstones and glitter.

Professional Art

“As an artist It means to world to me to know the kids appreciate my work and their smiles are what it is all about” -Alicia Valenzuela


Safe and Clean

I use quality professional paints and supplies. All brushes are cleaned and maintained to ensure proper hygiene. I use water based and some wax based paints designed for face painting. Most facepaints are vegan however let me know if you have any requests for special products.

Fun for Everyone

Adults are welcome to join in for a cool mature design or whatever they want because art is for everyone.


Facepainters are unique people whose mission it is to create art and smiles. Book an artist for your next home or work event asap to ensure availability.

Click here to see when I’m available and find a time that works for you as well.

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