Settling In

Check out this Video of a wild Mowzilicia in it’s wild habitat.

Since I moved in March 2019 I have loaded so much stuff and art stuff and comfort tea and it’s been really great but I realized something. I have a lonliness issue. I can work at my studio but I have a strong preference for working with other people being around me. I’m very social and find myself almost needing friends to keep me accountable on my projects. It’s so odd I don’t think I fit the mold of an artist who can tuck away and create and create and emerge with magnificent works. Also, my hands have been hurting. I’m addressing it at work with ergonomics but dang I got so scared. My hands are everything. What would I do without them? It’s just a gentle reminder of my greater mortality. I need to do 100% with all I have while I have it and gently not recklessly.

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